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We schedule trips to a variety of domestic and international locations. The costs of these trips depend on destination and specific itinerary. From time to time, pre-planned group travel will be planned and listed on this page. Individual or small group packages can also be arranged. If you're interested in an individual or small group package, please contact us to arrange your personalized adventure.

Upcoming Group Travel

Spring 2015

Key Largo, Florida:
Bethlehem, PA (Dutch Springs):
Beaufort, North Carolina: Wreck diving (Dates TBA)

Summer 2015

St. Croix: June 5-12 (SOLD OUT)
Lake George: June 27-28
Bethlehem, PA (Dutch Springs): June 29-30
Long Island (Wreck Diving): Aug 1 & Aug 8 (advanced divers only)

Fall 2015

Cape Ann:  (Dates TBA)
Key Largo, Florida: (Dates TBA)

Winter 2015/16

St. Croix: (Dates TBA)
Cozumel, Mexico: (Dates TBA)

Our local trips typically range from 1-3 days. Various fresh and saltwater sites are visited. The cost of these trips vary depending on location and choice of accommodation. Some of our typical destinations include:

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